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Executive Coach | ACC ICF Certified | Alka Sharma

Alka Sharma

Alka Sharma

"Wisdom is knowing what to do next, skill is knowing how to do it, and virtue [is doing it" Alka Sharma

My Current Role & Responsibilities: 

I had been coaching leaders and CEOs on reputation, media and crisis management and personal brand. However, I thought it was superficial and lacked aspects of psychology and was not tapping into the intuitive side of the individual. This where neuroscience-based coaching filled the gap. I now coach CXOs on personal mastery to enhance their growth based on scientific and effective frameworks. I coach leaders across the world, people looking for meaningful and measurable growth. And this is the most rewarding and strategic work that I have ever done in my life. Empowering people on their life path, empowers me with each engagement.


My Journey While Moving Ahead In My Career:

I started two decades back in first Public Relations and then Corporate Communications with companies like Fortune 500 companies including Yahoo!, Hewlett Packard, General Electric and WhatsApp leading their South Asia communications and CSR initiatives. Having worked in the corporate world, I closely observed how many employees faced issues with growth.

They neither had avenues nor guidance. I also faced similar issues, especially balancing personal and professional goals. This is when I chose the path to coaching. I am an ICF accredited coach who guides CXOs on executive presence and transitions coaching. I have chosen this path to empower individuals and help them with a fighting chance to build sustainable growth in their respective jobs and industries.


Challenges Faced: 

Wow! One never realise the kind of challenges one faces before they actually do! The kind of companies I worked with empowered women, so I was fortunate to get that leverage in my career growth. However, balancing personal and professional goals is a big challenge, especially because our biological cycle clashes with our career growth cycle.

I faced a major roadblock balancing these needs, especially when my personal life went through a major transformation. We don't talk about emotional distress, double hatting as working women and mothers or spouses and the lack of conversation and support for real life issues, makes it difficult for people to find their way out of such situations. I took the help of coaching to prioritize my needs and that is where I realized the true value of this science.


Words Of Wisdom To Restart Your Career: 

Where should I begin? Be brave to ask for help. Stand up for what is right. Have a strategy. Get a coach. Find a mentor. Know your triggers. Balance your mental and physical health. Please remember you are not here to only serve; you deserve to thrive. Not just survive. Invest in education. Invest in re-skilling.

Being emotional is not weak. Getting help for emotional regulation can make life easier. Ask for what is yours fearlessly. And you can have it ALL. Don't wait for a saviour. You are your own saviour. Don't wait for a better time. Do it now. Right now.