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Enterprise Relationship Manager - LinkedIn | Rishab Sethi

Rishab Sethi

Rishab Sethi

"Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail" Rishab Sethi

Current Role:

I am an Enterprise Relationship Manager at LinkedIn. It's an Account Management role for some of the largest enterprises. I'm fortunate to work at LinkedIn as it's a great organization where the last 4.5 years have gone by in a jiffy. The challenge is that LinkedIn is not the first entrant in the Indian market and hence a lot of customer education is a part of the job. I won't say it's a challenge, but an opportunity area.

Overcoming Challenges And Maintaining A Proactive Approach: 

I am a Travel Enthusiast and so is my wife. We love to explore new places and haven't repeated a holiday destination in the last 6 years. It's always exciting to travel to new places, explore new cultures, and savor new cuisines. It's a real treat. On a lighter note balancing your work with your passion is a high wire act! But on a more serious note, it's all about prioritizing the correct thing at the right time. As I am in Sales, so I look for lean times during the year (work-wise) to maximize our travel. Also, another thing that works well are long weekends, we use them to club a few days and take road trips in and around India.

The Joy Of Following Your Passion: 

Travelling makes me feel alive to new possibilities. It's a great change from the usual routine and allows you to step outside your comfort zone. I have taken close to 15 trips both long and short in India and abroad in the last 18 months. It's been an amazing experience!

Advice To Others Who Are Looking To Follow Their Passion But Are Not Able To Find That Balance: 

Make time for your passion to keep yourself focused on work as well. If it's a true passion it'll only add and not take away from other aspects of your life.

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