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Dr. Rashi Agarwal - Psychiatrist | Ht Sheslays Award 2023 | Young Mental Health Influencer 2023

Dr. Rashi Agarwal

Dr. Rashi Agarwal

Dr. Rashi Agarwal

Crucial Success Skills Forged Through My Journey

India’s mental health status has been grossly neglected due to a lot of reasons and stigma being the biggest one of them . Working on ground reality by organizing free camps in villages and talking to people from interiors or city has helped me explore a lot about what’s actually needed . Doing this since the beginning of my career and then paving forward with free workshops online and offline , made me realize that psycho education will remains the basis of the whole treatment and also about what’s actually required . 

I am on a mission to spread awareness around mental health and also busting all myths to shatter stigma and lead the world into a mentally healthy society . We are progressing as a society by giving weightage to mental health issues but still it’s a very very long way to go ahead . Taking frequent webinar’s and attending conferences also keep us a clinicians updated on the recent technologies that we can use to help out patients better , I am trying to imbibe most of the techniques as well as updating therapy skills and trying to do both therapy and medicinal approach myself for my patients

Crafting Creative Opportunities from Every Challenge

Adversity is something that’s unavoidable when one decides to start an unconventional journey to strive a big change . Frequently I have been discouraged to not hold free camps and not give advices to people in distress . And even questioning on my ability to do and take so much as well just even basic questioning about my choice of being in the field of mental health altogether . While practicing and spreading awareness in a non metro city , there’s a lot of backlash and even fun that’s made of people who try to bring change . 

These things will happen but if one is focused on the goal and also striving continuously to make countless lives better , it surely will be overcome . Keep striving , dreaming and even achieving . Gradually one starts seeing small results which become a big support and even pat on back for such work . Gradually people who try to pull you back will be the one to clap on your success . Things will be hard but only consistent hard work will help strive through all these times .

My Impact

It’s difficult to summate the total experiences that one shares through meeting people daily . But surely one of the biggest achievement on my part would be when I able to help people heal , overcome their issues and stopping the medicines , the smiles and content on the faces of people surely makes my day and makes me realize why all this is worth is . Moreover spreading awareness has also helped me going places and meeting newer people which wouldn’t have happened had I not been doing this . 

Spreading awareness and talking about menstrual and sexual health stigma at school and teenage level also gives me strength that affecting young lives and shaping their thinking is a way to change complete thinking of the society . The list can go on and on but surely it’s an impact which affects the person healing and me daily to try and make the society a better place to live in

Scaling New Heights in Personal and Professional Triumphs

There’s no end bench mark but it’s the touching of countless lives that happen daily. I am striving for reaching maximum people to clear their doubts and encouraging them to work on the same via the use of social media - Instagram , YouTube and linked in to maximize the reach and also affecting all classes of people . I have also been trying to make the videos / texts / posts more and more interacting and even engaging to catch the attention of people so that they hold and read . 

It’s like forceful feeling of good information to help them take better care of their mental health . I am on a mission and will continue to spread this awareness for a very very like time and I started alone but glad that many others have also joined the social space to spread awareness and making mental health a topic of general discussion without shame

The Synergy Between My Path and Recognition Values

I have said this once and will keep on saying and spreading this message that there’s no complete health without mental health and that’s what is my main mission to behind mental health in the Front field along with normality like we talk about fever and body ache . Societies / companies talking about mental health separately from health is a win in itself and I am glad that many many more people are coming forward and recognizing the work of people contributing to mental health and giving them recognition also encourages others to work towards a similar goal along with motivation to work harder as well as spreading message across everywhere that it’s okay to not be okay and also to seek help whenever required in the form of medicines and therapy both . So that you for aligning with our journey and also all the best for this and many many more future endeavors