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Corporate Life Coach | Entrepreneur | Dr. Mickey Mehta

Dr. Mickey Mehta

Dr. Mickey Mehta

“My relationship with others Help me learn, grow & evolve evolution maximised" Dr. Mickey Mehta

Driving Force Behind Creating Such A Distinctive Career For Yourself:

What drives me the most is my passion to see people happy, smiling, healthy & being healed, without having any aspirations of being a healer of sorts. I wish to be the greatest facilitator of people’s health and healing them their own selves through the laws of nature, through the laws of eating right, sleeping right, dhyaana,  vyaayama, pranayama, good thoughts, good words, good deeds, karma and most importantly laws of physics and naturopathy & laws of Yoga and Ayurveda. To get them energized; health optimized; life Mickeymized.


Embracing Challenges:

Certainly champions are born out of challenges and its quite certain that a go getter who is driven by optimism, who is driven by a very positively charged bioelectrical field of his own being, can only see ways to fly over obstacles or jump over them… pole vault, leap vault  and this happens with resilience and tenacity which you build during yoga, during eating right which gives you satvagun, yoga which gives you resilience, tenacity, patience, tolerance, vision, ability to unclog the mind, declutter the mind, ability to see through things, ability to find solutions which are always around because problems are new; all solutions have been around forever, so champions are born out of challenges and challenges to embrace, sometimes it’s fun, it gives you a rush… why it’s fun is because of your self-confidence, self-conviction. Champions optimized, get Mickeymized !!!


Discover The Zeroeth State-Inner Source Of Infinite Potential:

The best way to find the zeroeth inner state ‘The Shoonyam Quotient’ is each time you find yourself in the midst of clutter, issue, entanglement, difficult circumstances just stop shut your  eyes, breath out the anxiety, your fear, your disappointment, your insecurities, keep breathing them out one by one your resentments, your grudges, your anger, your hatred & your dislike.


Growing And Developing Yourself As A Leader:

My constant endeavour to be and become (not as much with the idea of growth but to be and become) in the flow and the rhythm is- mingle with the elements… when you mingle with the element you get a lot of wisdom, you get a lot of insights and foresights. First in the zeroeth state in the Shoonyam Quotient and the second is the mingling of elements looking at trees, design of the leaves, branches, looking at the open sky, its infinity, looking at the infinite expanse of the oceans and the energy of the waves and ripples of the rivers, listening to the chirping of the birds and looking at the infinite lawns the blades of grass… smelling lovely things like fruits, flowers, grass, mud, hugging people making connections, this is the way people with increased connections grow, being and becoming, so being and becoming is the way forward so let your being be optimized, energy of elements maximized, and get Mickeymized !!!


Evolving With Time:

First of all nobody grows old in reality, as the old adage goes “We never grow old, when we stop growing we become old so let’s not stop growing”, so I keep growing unintentionally also in my being and becoming and yes if you look at trees they are not symmetrical, if you look at mountains they are not symmetrical, nothing in nature is symmetrical. This randomness in design though we can’t understand the meaning yet there is some significance and deeper meaning to it. So the perfection is not what everybody seeks most of the times..in nature if you see things are quite imperfect and acceptance of that eases you in your mind, dissolves your obsessions, eases you in your minds, we can keep course correcting and move towards being whole as much wholesome as much appropriate as possible and as much perfect in the way of doing things as much as possible but that doesn’t mean we should get obsessed by it. Allowing latitude, allowing mistakes, understanding them our five fingers aren’t perfect we are unequal but they still have some significance and role to play so swikriti is very powerful. Philosophy in the vedic understanding so swikriti is acceptance with grace and not accepting things without any choice. When you accept things with grace, grace follows… let your grace get maximized, acceptance Mickeymized !!!


Major Myths Related To Wellness:

There are many a myths for wellness. The biggest myth no. 1 for wellness is that medicines of harsh chemicals diseases and ailments; they don’t necessarily mean wellness. No. 2 by over exercising you loose weight fast; certainly not… loosing weight should not be the ultimate goal of wellness, the ultimate goal of wellness is cleaning yourself. You get in the path of cleansing yourself, purifying yourself, regulating yourself, integrating yourself, fortifying yourself; automatically all the fitness, health, wellness, wellbeing parameters will fall into place. Myth 4 that proteinization and over proteinization… don’t go crazy with it proteins are necessary building blocks but do it with intelligent, sensible and ethical understanding of it. Try and not consume animal protein at all, be a vegetarian as much as possible, be clean don’t be mean, be a vegetarian & go green. Be a vegetarian because with clean food satvaguna arises with satvagun we become purushya from manushya… manushya is munn ka mara… food influences your thoughts, words, deeds and jo puruk hota hein who purush hota hein and purushotam Ram Rama Rama… if you reverse it is amara, it neutralizes vish (toxic poison) and being in the flow rhythm alongside with food, pranayam, dhyana and pratihara which is internalization of senses in meditation “ Shoonyam Quotient”… you come into the rhythm and come into the flow... dhara flows out of you and becomes Radha and comes back to you… Radha flows out and becomes dhara and comes back to you…then you will be in the perfect state of swastha means swayam mein aastha… means faith in your self … you will have self - belief… self- conviction  and swayam mein aastha – swastha, with swastha your swasth your shvaas becomes clear …with your shvaas and rhythm it becomes sur, with your sur in rhythm and flow it becomes swara, with your swara in rhythm and flow it becomes sangeet and with this sangeet become tarangeet so let your flow rhythm and music of spirituality get optimized, get maximized, let’s get Mickeymized !!!

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