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Corporate Director - The Park Hotels | Women leadership | Ruchika Mehta

Ruchika Mehta

Ruchika Mehta

"Failures make you stronger; Don't ever be afraid of being broken." Ruchika Mehta

Early Stages Of Your Career:

This journey of 2 decades has been exhausting, fascinating and full-on learning experience. I have had the privilege of working with some of the best minds in the industry and I have had the opportunity to work in complex environments with multiple.

Teams and on multiple projects, spanning four hospitality chains from an American to an Asian and now a homegrown disruptive Indian brand. Having started my career at ITC Maurya Sheraton and then to, Hyatt Regency Delhi, the two gave me rich opportunities to grow and created a sturdy foundation of learning in all aspects of marketing and communications. This gave me the confidence to take on larger projects which meant taking on greater responsibilities.

This led onto me disrupting the status quo with my strong work ethics since my early days, which made me the youngest HOD in the hospitality industry. I was appointed as the Director of Communications at ShangriLa, New Delhi at the age of 24 wherein I did one of the most successful global hospitality brand launches of the decade - Shangri-La, in India.

Predominantly, my career graph has been variegated and colored in terms of my work. With experience in brand stewardship and management, experience and product development, integrated marketing, IP development and innovations, my assignments have seen me walk the thin line between strategy and creativity, industry and imagination.

A journey that began in 2000 has been one of building and stewarding brands, strategic marketing, creative leadership and several industry firsts with some of the most creative and imaginative minds. It is both vigorous and fascinating to do the things that I do, which both breaks the status quo and has the first-mover advantage.


A Turning Point In Your Life:

Losing my dad was a big turning point in my life. There was a whole paradigm shift in the way I looked at life and also as a unit, it made my brother, mom and I become closer. It is a big loss losing a parent and I was only 18 when that happened, so it changed the way I looked at life.


Proud Achievements: 

My goal post constantly keeps changing with time. Currently, I am extremely proud of working on the entire campaign on the 50 years of THE Park Hotels. Also exciting was getting an opportunity to spearhead the re-branding and re-positioning of THE Park Hotels across geographies as well as the creation of a new brand Zone by The Park. In my previous job, establishing an international brand (Shangri-La) into India and positioning it in the top hotels in the city was challenging yet very satisfying experience. The journey becomes sweeter when it is coupled with industry recognition. The journey continues.


Your Advice: 

Believe in yourself that you have it in you to do it and achieve whatever you want. It all starts from there. There is no substitute for hard work. Hard work doesn't mean working outrageous hours; you can be a hard worker while working smart. Always be curious to know and learn more. When in doubt say yes, take on the challenges and you will see that you would start growing faster than most. Also, on your journey upwards remember to be kind. Only leaders who can empathize are remembered for long.

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