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Coach | Mentor | Facilitator | Antje Bauer

Antje Bauer

Antje Bauer

"I learned to always take on things I’d never done before. Growth and comfort do not coexist" Antje Bauer

Initial Challenges: 

One of the key values in my upbringing was modesty - not showing off or magnifying my worth. I had to overcome the reluctance to sell myself. I had no doubt that I have a backpack full of experience and valuable capabilities to offer, but to market those were really not my cup of tea in the beginning.

Your Unique Venture: 

There is an oversupply of coaches for all life and business situations. What differentiates me is that I come from the background of having done everything I coach or consult myself and bring that experience to the table. I can talk business and understand what is on the mind of leaders and relate to their challenges. My idea of development is to lead the individual to discover their strengths through coaching and mentoring conversations and to convert that into tangible takeaways. To maximize the benefit of knowing their strengths, I work with teams to apply their knowledge in their day-to-day business life.

Financial Security In Self-Employment: 

There are many ways but having a plan, knowing your numbers, being realistic, having a sounding board/mentor for guidance, being a lifelong learner, seeking help and networking are some of the ways that one can follow.

Your Advice: 

Be sure of what you are good at, build on that and exploit it and get help for stuff which you are not an expert in.

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