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Chief Marketing Offcier - Marlabs Inc | Purnima Menon

Purnima Menon

Purnima Menon

"When people talk, listen completely" Purnima Menon

My Journey While Moving Ahead In My Career: 

The initial foundation was exciting and accorded me lots of learning! I started by honing my understanding of fabrics and weaves, we got opportunities to work on International launch events , we also got our dose of being stereotyped as there were very few women in the shop floor those days. Mostly we learnt about collaboration as it takes a whole army of teams to put together a fabric collection for the year. Those days were fun!


Challenges Faced: 

It really depends on how you look at situations actually. What I thought as challenges were always opportunities in disguise. True I would feel challenged but the learnings from such experiences made me stronger, more confident and extremely resilient. I think we all need to realise it’s a constant learning when you are on the job. You learn from your teams, your peers and colleagues and many of the best practices I imbibe today have been influenced by my ecosystem. The only way to succeed is to embrace change and move on.


Words Of Wisdom To Restart Your Career: 

I always believe "Your best is yet to come". Another mantra I live by is "If it is meant to be it is up to me". Take charge of your journey. You will have mentors and well wishers on the way who will guide you, but the journey is your own. Constantly re-skilling or taking up new roles is another way to get noticed. 

For women who are coming from a break, it is crucial to have not dropped off the grid completely. You need to nurture your connects, understand how the landscape has changed and equip yourself accordingly. There is always room for dedicated and sincere professionals so be confident of taking new roles and challenges.

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