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Business Head - Momspresso | Hansveen Sabharwal

Hansveen Sabharwal

Hansveen Sabharwal

"When people talk, listen completely" Hansveen Sabharwal

My Journey While Moving Ahead In My Career: 

At LG we were given freedom to think and take decisions. Obviously, we were responsible for all outcomes. But yes, responsibility with accountability came in early.


Challenges Faced: 

For almost 4 out of 5 years of my stint at LG, I was the only female in the team. In fact, my counterparts in the head office at Korea were all men! But here is an interesting twist, I recall my trip to Seoul where different teams from APAC had to share their marketing plans for the launch of a new flagship product. I was surprised to see that they were all women. So it clearly was a country-specific phenomenon.

Another challenging phase of my career was my pregnancy. I had to quit work and was on the bed for 9 months because of complications. Getting back to work, with a job of choice was a challenge, a job with an organization that respected my new role as a mother gave me the flexibility to carry on my duties smoothly, personally & professional.


Words Of Wisdom To Restart Your Career: 

Well, I can share what I follow and maybe that inspires other women too

1)    I try to bring some significant differentiation to what I could deliver, over and above what the role required.

2)    Performing well and gaining the trust of the management and clients alike is a must for me I spend a lot of time thinking about what is going well on projects and what can be better.

3)    I am passionate about my team. I strongly believe I am as good as the people I hire and lead. I am not afraid to recruit people who are smarter than me and I create an environment that promotes diversity of thoughts and embraces collective wisdom to achieve the impossible. Understanding what makes people work well together, what motivates them to give their best every day and how I can develop more meaningful connections each day.

4)    Focus is the key we are all stretched and sometimes we need to ruthlessly prioritize.

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