The very essence of leadership is that you have to have vision. You can't blow an uncertain trumpet

My Journey While Moving Ahead In My Career

My previous exposure to organizing school and college fests and my Dad's insistence of learning computers at a very early age.


Challenges Faced: 

While we would like to think that the world is fair, a woman still has to balance between work and home. There is a lot more expectations / duties on me as a married woman now. Hailing from Bengal, the land of Durga with her ten hands, I have come to believe that women are more apt at juggling between many roles they play compared to a man. Although I do agree that the support of men is important. To me, my father when I was a child and my husband currently are the props I could not have done without. It was these men behind this woman who helped her succeed.


Words Of Wisdom To Restart Your Career:

You cannot as for equality unless you offer equally. While maternity takes away a large chunk of time from woman, it should not be seen as a deterrent. A couple of years gone to look after family should only add to the maturity in dealing with difficult situations. We have to see it adding more value to how we handle our corporate jobs rather than seeing it forming a gap or void.

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