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AVP / Business Development - Sports | Corporate Leader | Vipin Nambiar

Vipin Nambiar

Vipin Nambiar

"Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things" Vipin Nambiar

Current Role And The Challenges That You Face In Your Day To Day Routine: 

I have been a part of the core Business Development team at Procam for the last three years. Sales is a very tough job across industries however it is slightly more difficult for a participative sport like running. Of course, the dynamics are rapidly changing today, and brands see the relevance in investing in sporting disciplines beyond the conventional ones i.e cricket, football or tennis. Getting new business is certainly a challenge; however, the bigger challenge is sustaining and nurturing existing client relationships. Like any relationship, it needs hard work. The key to maintaining long term associations is to keep re-defining your relationship with clients. Constantly evolve, adapt, unlearn - with them, for them. Each brand has its set marketing objectives which keep evolving; it is imperative to find combined synergies between the two and find means to elevate the brands simultaneously. One must constantly ideate with innovative solutions, only then the platform in which they are invested will be crucial in the success of their brand journey. Directional focus towards the larger good of your clients and their brands should be the ultimate objective. Only then will you gain their mutual respect and trust. And that's when the client relationship transcends a transactional one. Point of Difference occurs at various stages in a client relationship. But with conviction, if you can demonstrate that you have only the brand's best interest at heart these can be reduced to a minimum. That's when you know you have built a partnership Team management is another important part of my job profile. Success is sweet when it is shared with your team. There is no place for me. I believe you need to empower your teammates, give them the freedom and confidence to believe they can perform. Having said that, you need to clearly communicate on the larger goals and what is expected out of them. You must demonstrate and lead from the front without imposing your authority.


Passion That Drives You To Follow Your Dreams While Managing Your Professional Life: 

Purpose drives me. If you have a strong sense of purpose, desire to achieve, passion will definitely follow. Sports and sales are my passion, I have been fortunate to dabble in both and even luckier to have both of them combined in my current profile. But everyone is not that lucky. If you do not find a job that lets you follow your passion, does that mean you stop chasing it..No! You need to find a way to channelize your passion. For Eg:- There are 2 million cricket fans in India, each one hoping to play for their country or work in the field of cricket, but does everyone get an opportunity to wear the country colours or are there 2 million jobs in cricket to cater to all of them? You cannot wait forever to get that opportunity; at the end of the day, you also need to make a living and shoulder responsibilities. Map your passion journey in a much focused manner. Investment on your passion is always long term and energy driven. Find alternative means look for a weekday job and on the weekends play cricket, coach a bunch of kids who are looking to learn the sport, or start a blog on cricket. Be it photography, trekking, driving, etc, find an opportunity to have an alternate career (may not give you returns immediately) but think ahead. Focus on Return on Objectives (ROO) than Return on Investments (ROI).


Passion And Balance Between Work And Professional Life: 

My job profile requires me to travel a lot. And sometimes you forget to look after yourself, not getting enough me time. Running has helped me maintain that balance. It has helped me reconnect to myself and made me a better leader and more importantly pace my life personally and professionally. I carry my running shoes everywhere I go and try to run/walk at least for an hour every day. I also passionately make time to play badminton, cricket and football. This helps me to bond in a team environment and I learn a lot of lessons to adapt in a team game and play one's role whenever required. One of my most favourite hobbies is cooking for friends and family on weekends. Experimenting in the kitchen and positive feedback from loved ones is what makes me happy. It helps me to unwind and is my ultimate stress buster.


Positive Impacts From Your Activity In Your Lifestyle:

Investing time in cooking and playing a sport help me think, re-invent myself, teach me how to be a team player, a leader and take everyone along to move ahead.

Advice For Others: 

Keep calm and enjoy the journey.

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