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Assistant Vice President - Training & Development | Emily Thomas

Emily Thomas

Emily Thomas

"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other" Emily Thomas

Current Role:

I am the Assistant Vice President - Learning & Development at Exela Technologies spearheading training interventions globally. I lead a team of learning specialists & subject matter experts and am responsible for designing & administering training programs and projects to maintain & improve process profitability measures for operational and learning excellence.

My journey in my career has been nothing short of an unending roller coaster ride: there has been exhilaration, joy, phases of uneasy calm, butterflies in my stomach, the thrills of rising higher, clenching my fists and teeth while I have seen myself hurtling down heights and relief washing all over me when I found It's not really crashed! Many times when I felt I had hit rock bottom & that this was just about the end of it all, there would be a swerve at a bend that took me to new levels!.


Passion That Drives You: 

All through the adventure it's taught me that my life and career trip is exactly like that: awesome, breathtaking and forward moving! Besides, it takes the pressure off when you also understand that there is much at play in the background that powers you to stay safe and secure on the ride even when you think you are doing it all by yourself! Mediocrity and being average is simply not acceptable and neither is shirking responsibility and ownership for whom and what you are and what you make of things. Never focus on only the what of doing things, but also consider and stay true to why and how you are doing them.


Finding The Right Balance:

I know and believe that we are influencers and creators of our future! It's important to do everything not just with your hands and brain but also with our heart! Finding purpose and meaning in what we do is the only way to carry on carrying on through the desert and the storms.


Advice That You Would Give To Others:

The world is like an oyster presently: with unseen and tremendously priceless possibilities and opportunities. It is important to choose carefully and involve yourself wholeheartedly in pursuing what makes you happy, put a song in your heart, a glint in your eyes and a smile on your lips. When you sow - doing, giving and being your best- reaping joy & success follow naturally. Don't bother about glass slippers or glass ceilings: you have the magic, power and everything you need within you to grow and become exactly who you are destined to be!

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