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Ashok Vashist - Founder & CEO at Wise Travel India Limited | Entrepreneur

Ashok Vashist

Ashok Vashist

Ashok Vashist

Crucial Success Skills Forged Through My Journey

In my journey, I've found several skills to be crucial in achieving success one of the most vital skills I've cultivated is resilience. I've learned to stay stressed all the time, constantly thinking about the competition and customers. There is no shortcut. This mindset has pushed me to persevere through challenges and setbacks. Another key skill I've developed is taking accountability for failures and attributing success to the team. Keep colleagues on tenterhooks. 

By shouldering the blame myself for any shortcomings, I've developed a culture of trust and responsibility within my team. Since you cannot achieve success by breathing in and out. A somewhat unconventional skill that has been instrumental in my journey is stress management and mental toughness. I've learned that success often demands pushing oneself beyond comfort zones and embracing discomfort. When you have stress take a bigger stress. 

For instance, during high-pressure situations, people find solace in physical activity, such as walking for hours until their feet hurt. This physical exertion not only alleviates mental stress but also helps in getting clarity of thought and determination. While my approach may seem unconventional, these skills have been indispensable in navigating the complexities of business and achieving meaningful accomplishments.

Crafting Creative Opportunities from Every Challenge

Facing adversity is never easy, but my approach is rooted in determination and resilience. When confronted with a difficult situation, my initial instinct, like many others, might be to walk away. However, my personal trait compels me to stay and tackle the problem head-on. I believe in not giving up until I find a solution. Just like cleaning dirt requires getting your hands dirty, overcoming adversity demands immersion in the challenge. 

I've learned that avoidance only prolongs the issue, whereas confronting it directly is the first step towards resolution. Adversity cannot be overcome by mere theoretical knowledge or avoidance. Instead, I've found that diving into the heart of the problem is essential. It's akin to the idea that you can't learn to swim without getting into the water. By fully engaging with adversity, I've gained valuable insights and developed practical strategies for overcoming it. Adversity has the remarkable ability to transform us. When faced with adversity, I've observed that individuals can rise to the occasion, becoming stronger and more resilient in the process. 

This reminds me of the saying, "Even a cat can become a lion if it is pushed to the wall." Adversity pushes us beyond our limits, forcing us to tap into our untapped potential and discover our inner strength. In essence, my approach to adversity revolves around perseverance, immersion, and personal growth. By confronting challenges head-on, embracing the struggle, and recognizing the transformative power of adversity, I've not only overcome obstacles but also emerged stronger and more capable than before.

My Impact

The impact of our work extends beyond mere numbers, encompassing both tangible and intangible contributions. Through our initiatives, we've played a significant role in providing livelihoods for over 10,000 individuals, both directly and indirectly. By creating employment opportunities, we've not only supported families but also contributed to the economic prosperity of our community. Witnessing the transformation in the lives of those we've employed has been immensely gratifying, knowing that our efforts have made a meaningful difference in their well-being. 

We firmly believe in the power of positivity and its ripple effect on others. Every thought, every action, has the potential to impact those around us. Life, much like juggling balls, requires skillful management of multiple responsibilities without letting anything fall. Similarly, in our endeavors, we've strived to balance various aspects of community welfare, economic growth, and personal development. 

By juggling these responsibilities effectively, we've maintained a harmonious equilibrium that benefits all stakeholders involved. In summary, our impact transcends mere statistics, encompassing a holistic approach to community development and individual empowerment. Through our efforts, we've not only provided livelihoods but also instilled hope, positivity, and resilience in the hearts of many, fostering a brighter future for our community and beyond.

Scaling New Heights in Personal and Professional Triumphs

Success, to me, is synonymous with delivering on promises and exceeding expectations. My measure of success begins with delivering what is promised. Whether it's meeting project deadlines, achieving sales targets, or fulfilling commitments to stakeholders, success is about following through on our word. This forms the foundation of trust and credibility in any endeavor. Success is not static; it's dynamic and ever-evolving. We continuously calibrate our benchmarks to reflect our growth trajectory. 

For instance, what was considered successful yesterday—perhaps a revenue of 400 crore—may now be surpassed as we aim for 2000 crore. This calibration ensures that we stay ambitious and continuously strive for improvement. While financial metrics are important, the real meaning of success lies in customer satisfaction and sustainable unit economics. Ultimately, success is measured by how happy our customers are with our services and products. 

By prioritizing customer-centricity and ensuring that our business model remains viable in the long term, we define success not just in terms of numbers but also in the value we bring to our customers' lives. In summary, success is about delivering on promises, continuously raising the bar, and prioritizing customer satisfaction and sustainable growth. By adhering to these principles and benchmarks, we not only measure our accomplishments but also ensure that our success is meaningful and enduring.

The Synergy Between My Path and Recognition Values

My journey with WTicabs, which began in 2009, has been deeply rooted in the values and goals that this recognition represents. Since the inception of WTicabs, our primary focus has been on creating a positive impact on society. We believe that true leadership extends beyond individual success to nurturing the next generation of leaders. One of our core values is investing in young talent and empowering them to become leaders in their own right. By promoting the growth and development of young minds, we are not only building a legacy but also ensuring a brighter future for our society as a whole. 

We strongly believe in the principle that leaders should nurture and inspire others to become leaders themselves. Our journey has been guided by the conviction that investing in the younger generations is paramount. We've dedicated significant resources to mentorship programs and leadership development initiatives, aiming to cultivate a culture of leadership and excellence. Our goal is not just to create leaders but to be a capability multiplier, enabling individuals to realize their full potential and make a lasting impact in their respective fields. 

Throughout our journey, we've remained steadfast in our commitment to our guiding principles and commandments. These principles serve as the foundation of our organization, shaping our decisions and actions. Our focus on creating a legacy extends beyond mere success in the present moment. We strive to leave a lasting imprint on the world by empowering others and fostering a culture of leadership and integrity. In essence, my journey with WTicabs aligns closely with the values and goals of this recognition. 

By prioritizing the nurturing of young talent, promoting leadership development, and remaining dedicated to our core principles, we embody the spirit of this acknowledgment. Our journey is not just about personal success but about creating a legacy of leadership and positive change that extends far beyond ourselves.