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Ajay Sharma - Managing Director at Abhinav Immigration | Serial Entrepreneur | Author

Ajay Sharma

Ajay Sharma

“If you survive today, there is a possibility of succeeding tomorrow.” Ajay Sharma

Building an Early Foundation: 

 The choice to be an immigration consultant or for that matter, an entrepreneur was accidental. I am a first-generation entrepreneur and the son of a retired government employee. As a child, the key learnings were to do the assigned task with passion and commitment. I always followed the path of integrity. With such an upbringing, the rest followed in due course. A follower of karma, I never put the final result as an objective while planning and executing a project. In my opinion, anyone and everyone, with welfare as the core of their thought process is a leader. 

Beyond the Barricades:

Setbacks and success come together and always walk hand-in-hand. On a single day, you may receive news of a new beneficiary and also something that is unpleasant. The key to this is getting over with the day by attending to both with the same detachment. The decision taken should have both the elements of objectivity and realism. I follow a simple formula while dealing with all situations: “If you survive today, there is a possibility of succeeding tomorrow.” I believe that learning the art to survive is the key to any success. 

Transformation of the Immigration Industry: 

The industry as we see it today is far more competitive than ever before. The biggest challenge in the digital space is that everybody is fighting to win over. It does not help that India does not have a regulatory body for an industry that is as important as immigration consultancy. There should be more awareness about the immigration and abroad prospect with education, professionalism among the people of India. India would experience more revolution and development in this field with such improvements. 

The Voice of Change:

A common theme in all my authored articles and videos is clarity in the information conveyed to the reader and broader audience. I make sure that the issue that I am advocating and the message that i want to convey is simple and comprehensive to the readers. My articles focus on presenting my views in an informative and clear way and that could be useful for students, professionals as well as aspirants willing to broaden their horizon for their growth. I have shared my views and knowledge on education, expense, visa and other important domains pertaining to abroad consultancy. 

Sources of Powerful Lessons: 

My mentors have been my parents and supervisors. At work, it is my team members and most importantly, our clients. The critical lessons that I have learnt are to be simple, humble and fair in all relationships. The right guidance helps you to direct yourself towards discipline, decorum and growth. During my journey, I have come across great supervisors who have helped me in shaping my path the way it is today.

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