Mission & Vision

WAHStory envisions a world where every individual regardless of where they come from is empowered to take responsibility for their own destiny by becoming leaders in their own lives & community.

We work together both the storytellers and the readers. Our collective aim is to showcase the best stories  that not just engage and inspire but also show the path to achieve objectives and goals in a time-bound manner by any aspiring leader and entrepreneur. A platform exhibiting success through the academic, career, and life choices these individuals made, are making now and will in the future. To achieve this, we propose to bring together the thought-leaders, who can mentor and guide others and play the role of an understanding teacher and a compassionate and guiding Guru.

Our focus is on thinking, collaborating and contributing; our engagement tools are shaped accordingly, to respond to each project and cater to varied age or social groups. We truly believe that everyone can participate in their own creative and meaningful ways and contribute.

We value storytelling in our work: effective communication is important to ensure that we relay information that reflects people's greater interest . We can translate these wishes into accurate briefs, project ideas or physical interventions and demonstrate demand for the same.

We tailor our approach to suit the particular context and the community related to each project. Our strong feedback mechanism shapes the project's direction and movement. In this way we make sure the process is as collaborative and responsive as possible.

We thrive to make projects more engaging, effective, and impactful for everyone involved. Our system thus allows tremendous flexibility and is open to positive amendments.

We make technology and human expertise meet by using optimum tech help to target, cater and deliver to the audience and by borrowing insights from experienced individuals to add a human touch to our courses



Contemplation - We start our project by exploring and identifying the needs of the individuals and corporates and the demands of professionalism today.

Comprehension- Our engagement process allows us to gather insight on what people feel-the opportunities and concerns around them. We thereafter, create a system out of the expectations.

Workshops -Based on our own analysis and findings we design customized workshops/webinars/training sessions, as per the requirements of our clients. This is a great way to teach hands-on skills as it gives professionals an opportunity to try out new methods in a safe environment.

Skill building - We aim to build knowledge and skills in the steps needed to achieve change, understand realistic time-frames and make information as accessible as possible.

Motivation - One of the key realms we rely on is the drive in aspirants to succeed and thrive. Our motto is always to enrich that drive in individuals by gearing them up with the right inspiration to perform better.

Practical Intelligence - Our courses aim at building intelligent professionals that work with utmost precision. With intelligence acquired with knowledge and education, they require practical intelligence that would help them become 'street-smart' individuals, being able to think out of the box and tackle varied circumstances with ease. Our courses and the expertise of our connected leaders help build up individuals to perform accordingly.

The future belongs to a different kind of person with a different kind of mind: artists, inventors, storytellers-creative and holistic right-brain thinkers.